Leaf Sandals on feet hero shot

Watch Us Make a Pair of Leaf Sandals!

We recently made a fun video on our iPad to share with you all the process of one of our most popular styles, the Leaf Sandal.

We also made a version with the Benny Hill theme as the soundtrack, it was hilarious. Maybe one day we’ll share that one too.

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2015 so far

We’ve had a great start to the year so far. We decided to leave the Eumundi markets (although they are the best markets around!) We are finding our clientele is more often coming through the internet and so hauling ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Saturday and missing valuable family time no longer is essential.  People are very welcome to visit us at our workshop by appointment in Maroochydore on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

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Elvish pencil wrap

This year we have continued to explore lots of new little accessories to help make the Pendragon label more accessible.  These include leaf pencil wraps, elvish wraps,  guitar straps and handbags.

Photo 12-12-2014 14 29 11 Photo 25-02-2015 14 53 08 Photo 25-02-2015 16 09 18 Alice in Wonderland guitar strap

Pendragon Shoes: handcrafted on Queenslands Sunshine Coast

Working hard for Paris fashion week

We’ve been busy designing and madly making shoes for Paris fashion week. Please help us get there by donating to our pozible campaign!  Just follow this link and click Pledge to donate just $5!  http://www.pozible.com/project/185758#

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Pendragon in Paris

Hey everyone we have launched our crowd funding campaign with Pozible.
For those of you who missed the news, here it is again:
We have been invited to show our boots at the World Fashion Week exhibition in Paris at the end of September!!! It’s come out of the blue so we are still making our plans. It’s going to cost quite a bit of money so, hence the Pozible crowd funding campaign So if you’ve ever loved what we do, now’s your chance to help in some small way to get us out of the “back shed” and onto the world stage! 


high green leaf smaller

Photo 11-07-2014 4 24 52 pm

Chim chimney

We are putting the finishing touches on our new collection Chim Chimney this week.  Also making some great bags and orders for leaf boots.

Photo 11-07-2014 4 24 52 pm Photo 24-06-2014 1 42 28 pm

Our week

After a week making our new design “stagecoach boots” last week, we’re working on orders this week.  Two pairs of Alice boots and hopefully we’ll get started on a knee high pair of leaf boots for the lovely Katerina.

Pendragon Shoes: handcrafted on Queenslands Sunshine Coast     alice boots profile alice high green leaf smaller

Pendragon: Handmade Shoes That Compliment Your Individuality

You’ve stepped out of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe and run to the perfumed gardens. A left turn at Alice’s rabbit hole sees the grass turn into cobblestones and your Louis heeled slippers to Victorian booties. Now you’re riding in a carriage with Edgar Alan Poe, Lewis Carroll and Vincent Van Gogh.  Somewhere in the distance, bells are ringing, the fields, the sunflowers; the poplar lined laneways have all melted into a crazy patchwork of velvet, leather and gorgeous brocade. And so, here we are.
Somewhere between childhood and the open road where the cracks between worlds open just enough to allow us a glimpse.

At this crossroads, this “once upon a time where dreams are made and stories unfold”; here you will find Pendragon…

Pendragon is the designer shoemaking duo Jackie Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood.
Since establishing the label in 1987, Pendragon has been on a journey to create something extraordinary and unique; a quest to bring to life shoes you’d dreamt you might one day find; shoes to desire and delight…..shoes to treasure…

Pendragon is about the hands-on process with the emphasis on attention to detail.

If you’re looking for a special pair of boots or shoes to compliment your individuality, you’ve come to the right place. Each pair of boots we make has a story and is handmade by us in our workshop in Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.

We take orders from all over the world through our website as well as doing local market Eumundi markets here on the Sunshine Coast.

If you can’t come to see us personally you can follow the instructions on the customer service tab to measure your own feet and send the order through to us. We will then contact you to confirm any details.